Real Estate Brokerage

Wind River Property Group understands that each buyer and each seller is looking for an advantage in the market, and not all marketing plans are created equal. Not every contract is a step forward. Not every closing is a success. Our firm is built to give you that advantage and to ensure that your interests are protected and maximized at every step. We are selective in our representation so that you can be assured of receiving the best service – and the best results – in your real estate brokerage endeavors.

Seller Representation: Sellers want the best price, the quickest sale, the least risk and the fewest complications. The Wind River professionals share those objectives and are prepared to help you achieve them with unique focus and a national marketing network.  We will spend the time needed to understand your property, its strengths, weaknesses and defining attributes, and will develop a plan specifically tailored to optimize the property’s positioning  in an otherwise cluttered real estate market.  Whether your property is a ranch, an office building or a vacation home, we will provide the resources to skillfully navigate the market and meet your objectives. In addition, the Wind River team is built to guide you through a variety of other issues which may dictate the overall success of the transaction, including deferral of income tax liability through a 1031 exchange, limiting post-closing warranty liabilities, and resolution of title objections and other obstacles to closing.  Start the process of selling your Wyoming property today by contacting one of the experts at Wind River Property Group.

Buyer Representation: Purchasing a home, ranch or business in Wyoming can be the fulfillment of a life-long dream — but not if it’s the wrong property or bought at the wrong price, or if it comes with unexpected risks. The Wind River team is your resource to identify that special property which best fits your investment objectives and to acquire it on the right terms. Whether it’s property research, due diligence, contract negotiations, title issues or post-closing property management and rental, our professionals are here to guide you successfully through the process, protecting your interests along the way.